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Unconscious Biases Fuel Microaggressions

  • 1 hour
  • Based on Sessions
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This session is designed to create a bridge between the unconscious biases that are present in everyone’s mind and the subtle acts of discrimination that manifest as microaggressions in our everyday lives and at work. This learning journey starts with a foundational understanding of unconscious biases that is present in our “Understanding Unconscious Biases” learning journey and makes a clear connection to microaggressions. As a result of bias, people often exhibit microaggressions – subtle comments or actions that unconsciously show prejudice against marginalized communities. Some microaggressions look like compliments on the surface but are actually jabs. In this hybrid session participants will have a foundational understanding of both unconscious biases and microaggressions as well as powerful tools to respond productively and mitigate microaggressions to help educate the perpetrators of microaggressions while being an ally to those who are the targets. This training session utilizes the power of fact-based knowledge, video storytelling, breakout sessions and courageous conversations. *Sessions vary in length depending upon client needs, please schedule a consultation to discuss the ideal session length for your team.

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6241 South Benton Avenue, Kansas City, MO, USA

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