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Microaggressions II

Being an Ally at Work

  • 1 h
  • Based on Sessions
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This interactive session includes a brief refresher of the “Everyday Microaggressions at Work,” session before taking a deeper dive into productive responses, culturally sensitive language, and action steps. Creating a culture where employees are encouraged to speak up is the only way to fully address microaggressions. In this interactive session, we help participants understand the role of perpetrators, targets, bystanders and allies when it comes to microaggressions. They fully understand that one employee may not recognize the effect of a statement or action, but the offended employee, or target, clearly feels the negative impact. Healthy workplaces are built by employees who feel comfortable speaking up and expressing their concerns. If employees remain silent, the perpetrators of microaggressions will continue to offend because they are unaware that their actions are harmful. This session will also define allyship and explain the continuum of an ally to allow attendees to see where they are now and where they want to be when it comes to amplifying the voices of others and cultivating an inclusive culture. This session gives participants the opportunity to share their real-lived experiences with microaggressions and how they could respond differently in the future. This session consists of video storytelling, extended breakout sessions, and opportunities for participants to discuss their personal experiences with microaggressions at work. *Sessions vary in length depending upon client needs, please schedule a consultation to discuss the ideal session length for your team.

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6241 South Benton Avenue, Kansas City, MO, USA

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